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If you’re like most of the readers here, you want to lose weight. You know deep inside that life is better without your body "weighing you down" . You want to get rid of the excess weight so you can live life on your terms. You want to become the best version of you.

But something is off. Something is keeping you from losing enough weight to see real change. Maybe you're having trouble keeping the weight off, and keep going back to where you were. Maybe you feel like this reader:

"I've gone down to 160 and then went up to 220 then back down to 150 then all the way back up to 200...a cycle that just keeps happening. I find that I am unhappy in my work and it stresses me out, as well as finances. I seem to eat the wrong things when I'm stressed out. I'm never noticeably stressed, but it is the underlying stress that is awful. That's where I am right now...been working on my weight for a while and have lost some weight but still see myself getting overwhelmed and eating something I shouldn't, then feeling guilty over it."

Or perhaps this reader:

"I spent the majority of my adolescence overweight. My struggle with weight caused major issues in my emotional and mental state of mind and, of course, the negative physical effects."

Does This Sound Like You?

Be honest:

- Do you feel like you just can't seem to make real progress toward weight loss?

- Are you battling with "yourself" and giving up on diets often?

- Do you feel like you aren't in control over your mind and your body - easily stressed and emotional?

- Do you feel like there's something else going on below the surface, but you can't quite figure out what?

- Do you feel like there's so much more to life, but your weight is holding you back?

If so, you're not alone. Just about all of us who have struggled with weight loss have felt this way.

You are Not Alone

I know how you feel. I've been there. I know what it's like to feel stuck, always battling with your weight. I know what it's like when the stress wins out and the easiest option for relief is food. It's like the life you really want is always just out of reach - just on the other side of your weight.

For years I struggled to make real progress toward weight loss. I would lose weight, only to regain it. I would start out strong on a new diet or exercise plan, only to fall off after a few days, weeks, or months.

I lost over 80 lbs. three different times in my life. At the most, I weighed over 300 lbs. I was unhappy, unhealthy, depressed, stressed out, and stuck.

There was something else going on here. Something else was calling the shots in my life. Something deep below the surface was broken. I wasn't me anymore. I had forgotten who I really was. I saw the overweight version of myself in the mirror and started to believe that's who I really was.

Then everything changed. I went on a journey to get the real me back. I knew deep down that life was more than always fighting to lose weight. Life was more than wishing I looked a certain way. This isn't who I dreamed of being. I decided to become the person I knew I really was, no longer the person I saw in the mirror.

Over the course of 21 months, I lost 120 lbs. I got in incredible shape. I got my life back.

Much more happened in those 21 months than losing weight. Losing the excess weight on my body was just a side effect of losing the "real weight". After all, external weight is only a reflection of internal weight.

Since then, I've helped others do the same thing - lose the real weight and get their life back. I've helped them discover who they really are again, and to make that person a reality

The Goal of For Real This Time

The mission here is simple: to help you lose weight, quit starting over, and become the real you. I'll give you practical tools to find out what's going on below the surface of your life and how to fix it. I'll show you how to lose the "real" weight that's causing all the other weight, like excess body fat and stress. I'll help you discover the person you really want to be. My goal is to help you live from your heart again, retrain your brain to make the right choices, and, of course, get the body you really want.

If you're new to the site, here are the main categories for the blog. Under each section you'll find articles and resources to help you in that area.

Lose Weight

Get Your "Real" Body Back

- External weight is often a reflection of internal weight

- Stop looking for the perfect diet

- Get to the bottom of your weight issues

Quit Starting Over

Re-train Your Brain

- Find out why you keep giving up and starting over

- Learn how to rethink goals and motivation

- Build habits that bring real, lasting change

Become the Real You

Fix What's Broken at the Core

- Find your real “why”

- Take back control over your body and your life

- Discover who you really are and how to become you again.

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So, you want to finally lose the weight? It's possible, but it's going to take an internal transformation first. The book dives in deep to discover how your body is a symptom of your thoughts, beliefs...and your pain. It's not just because you ate too much. There's a deeper reason and until you figure it out, you'll keep staying stuck in the endless battle. Finally lose the weight with For Real This Time: Lose Weight. Quit Starting Over. Become the Real You.

Resources and Products

While everything on the blog is free, as well as several other resources, For Real This Time offers products and services to take you deeper. These include For Real This Time, the book, and the transformational For Real This Time Program.

Do It For You - For Real This Time

Yes, you can lose the weight, train your brain to work for you, and become the best version of you in every way. If you'll stick around and invest in yourself as if you are extremely valuable (because you are) then you'll see a transformation in every area of your life. You'll lose the "real" weight and become the person you truly want to be.