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For Real This Time:

Lose Weight. Quit Starting Over. Become the Real You.

The Book

If you get one thing from here, it's this. The book explores some of the least charted areas of weight loss. It will help you discover the real reason you struggle with losing weight, what caused it, how to fix it, how to take control of the moments when the struggle is the hardest, and, most importantly, it will help you discover who you really are again, and to get that person back.

This book is more than a weight loss book. Everyone knows how to lose weight, but few know what really caused the weight gain or their real why for losing weight. It's much bigger than "being healthy" or "looking good." It's about realizing how incredibly amazing you really are, and why the world needs you - the real you.

  • Erin
    "This book will bring breakthrough and revelation to anyone who has struggled for years with their weight. It definitely resonates with me. Because of this message, I've finally started looking past symptoms and getting to the root of my excess weight (internal and external). It's a perfect blend of personal insight and practical instruction. Thank you."
  • Elizabeth
    "Can I just say, I loved it! Not only did it resonate with me but it answered some deep questions. One of my favorite parts is the chapter about loving yourself, which, you hear that a lot, but the way that you presented it was so different. I love the routine that you suggested!
    Two other parts that really stood out were changing your mindset over weight loss goals or diet scenarios, and discovering the "real you" - I am excited to see the outcome of digging deeper and letting the "real me" come out! I'm truly inspired and emotionally encouraged!"
  • Gloria

    "Telling you'This book is awesome!' does no credible justice.  You've done it! You figured it out. I struggled hard with finding the reason - the true reason - that hindered me from my breakthrough. There's so much great material in this book and I am confident that every reader can take away a piece for themselves. I will be completely honest... I don't read much. I'm a very visual person and I can only get into books that draw a great picture - something I can really imagine. This is different. This spoke directly to my heart."


Lose the REAL Weight eBook

A Step-by-Step Guide to Lose Weight. Quit Starting Over. Become the Real You.

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A 78-page guide to lose the REAL weight. It's 10 practical steps to explore what's really going on below the surface, produce dramatic change in your thinking, and to help you finally break through to see lasting change in your body, brain, and heart.

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For Real This Time Program - COMING SOON!

Lose Weight. Quit Starting Over. Become the Real You.

The Program:

The book lays a solid foundation to lose the REAL weight and get your life back on track. The program dives in deeper for 12 weeks.

The program consists of three parts:.

Part 1:- Lose Weight: Making Your Plan Work and Losing the Weight - Inside and Out

Part 2:- Quit Starting Over: Re-Training Your Brain and Getting Mentally Fit

Part 3:- Become the Real You: Rediscovering Your True Identity and Living Weightless


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