How to Quit Starting Over and Finally Lose the Weight, For Real This Time


Lose the Weight of Who You Used to Be

“I’m going to lose the weight, for real this time.”

It’s an often repeated phrase, in some form or another. Good intentions and thrilling motivation kick start our decision to lose the extra weight on our bodies. The excitement isn’t so much about losing something as it it about gaining something. We think we want to lose weight…until we hit a certain wall. We want what’s on the other side of that wall, but we believe whatever it is will always be there waiting for us, so we put it off until later.

That wall isn’t just about avoiding the binges and the special occasions when we eat bad. It’s not about getting past that first month and building the right habits. That wall is about you. More specifically it’s about the story you tell yourself. It’s a story that comes from a belief system created over the years to keep things in control.

But it’s time to change that. It’s time to break out of the old story. It’s time to finally quit starting over and lose all of the weight. Here are the five steps to doing just that.

1. Stop listening to the scared you

Making a huge change to your body, like losing weight, is frightening. That statement might seem confusing, so let me explain.

It feels exciting in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long for that excitement to wear off. Thoughts start popping up to push you towards small decisions that slowly derail your success and knock you off the tracks. For instance, you are trying to eat healthy and probably feeling hungrier than normal. That weird phenomenon happens where all the types of food you are trying to avoid start popping up everywhere. Suddenly, you get scared of missing out. You convince yourself that it’s okay to give in this time for whatever reason. You tell yourself that you’ll start again later so you’ll feel better about giving in.

Why? Where are these thoughts coming from? Part of you wants to change, but it seems like some other part of you wants to keep you where you are and prolong any change as much as possible. Part of you is excited and ready, and another part of you is hesitant and scared.

Stop listening to the scared part of you.

2. Get rid of your old story

The scared you is trying to convince you to stop because to lose all of the weight is to live from a different story. The old story is the one that says you’re supposed to give in so you don’t miss out. We keep listening to that old story and thinking the same way, all the while finding it increasingly difficult to see any breakthrough. The old story is the one that has been repeated in your mind based on the person you see in the mirror everyday. It’s the story based on what you’ve been through in your life and what you need to do to cope with the hard things. Your old story is the reason you gained the extra weight. It’s what’s holding you back from a better story.

You’re actually afraid of losing your old story. We all are. It’s a scary thing to do because you have to let go of the known, however bad or good, for the unknown.

3. Don’t be afraid of who you can become

One of our biggest fears is that we are actually amazing. The reason is because it’s unknown. We don’t know what it will look like. We can only imagine it based on what we know right now. That’s why it’s scary. We can only think about it based on our current way of thinking. We can only imagine ourselves there with the mind we have right now. Our current mind can’t comprehend it well.

If you were to lose all of the weight, things will be different. You’ll look better. You’ll be more confident. You will have overcome something that holds a lot of people back and it will cause tremendous growth. You’ll be a different person. Are you ready to handle it?

That’s the fear we all feel. Can we really be the amazing person we hope we are? Can we live up to it? Are we ready to live life at the level? It’s far different than the story we live in now. But it’s the story you were meant to live.

4. Allow “possibility” to come in and grow

When you force yourself to step out of your old story into the unknown, it sparks an incredible amount of personal growth. In order to handle where you are going – into the unknown – it takes courage. You’ll get more and more comfortable breaking out of limiting beliefs and into something better. You’ll let go of what you could have right this minute for what’s available later on.

A lot more things become possible when you lose the weight. You move differently. You think differently. You feel differently. You live from a place of having just overcome something huge. When the weight is gone, much more is possible to you than ever was before. Your brain allows in thoughts that weren’t there before because limiting beliefs caused by extra weight aren’t around anymore.

What if you started letting “possibility” into your mind now? What if you let it grow? When the mind changes, the body follows. We get it backwards often. We are hoping that when our bodies change it will then change everything else. But it doesn’t work. That’s why that part of you starts convincing you to give up and start later. That has to be fixed first.

When you allow possibility into your mind continually, you will start to become the person who can handle being amazing.

5. Love yourself for who you really are

Sometimes we are hoping to lose weight so we can love ourselves again. In order to find the love that we really desire, we have to let go of the old story. Really, we are afraid of letting go of a story that we can see love in, even if it’s very little love, for a story that is unknown. It’s a story that love is not guaranteed in. It’s not that it’s not possible, it’s just not a sure thing. So, it’s risky. Even though the love we have is not the love we really want, we’re afraid of letting go of the little love we have for something that’s not guaranteed.

What if we started choosing to love the scary, the uncertain, the unknown? What if we started loving who we really are?

Isn’t that what we really want from the weight loss – to become someone we can love? Why not start loving yourself now? Try it and see what happens. Just say the phrase, “I love myself” and notice the immediate difference.

Losing the weight for good isn’t about finding a perfect diet or the “right” plan. If you want to break out of the cycle of stopping and starting over constatnly then it’s time to let go of your old story. It’s time to become the real you.

For real this time.


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