Losing Weight Doesn’t Feel Good – Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing


4 Reasons Why You Should Embrace the Process

No one loves losing weight. Yes, we all love having lost weight, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who loves the process of dropping the extra pounds. It’s not fun.

The common story we’re told is that losing weight is exciting. We see the process as before and after pictures. People go from sad and overweight to happy and thin in one photo. It is sold to us as an event, not a process. We want the event, but we also want to avoid the process.

The beauty of losing weight, however, is not the “after picture”. The most important thing is not the actual losing of the weight. It’s the process itself. It doesn’t feel good, but that’s how you know it’s working. You’re breaking out of something old into something new.

The process does much more than result in a lower number on the scale. Here are four reasons why you should embrace the not-so-fun process of losing weight.

1. The process of losing weight makes you stronger, in more ways than one.

Anyone who is overweight knows how to lose weight. It’s no secret. Just eat right and exercise, and do both of those consistently. The consistency part is where it gets hard. It’s not that difficult in the beginning, but after a week of eating healthy and exercising, some voice inside you is screaming at you to give up, take a break, and to eat something "tasty."

Being sore and hungry are just your body’s way of telling you that you’re butting up against the “status quo.” The muscles have been comfortable for a while, and the brain has been used to a certain amount (and types) of food. When you apply resistance to your body, your muscles grow. The same thing happens when you push your brain. Both get stronger during the process of losing weight. It’s not just that your muscles grow, or that your brain operates better, but that you are building a new and better definition of what is “normal”.

2. The process of losing weight can get rid of limiting beliefs.

That “normal” that you are breaking down is one built on a belief system. When you are overweight, especially for a long time, the brain registers it as normal. It’s the status quo. Part of the reason it’s so hard to lose all of the weight is because the brain seems to fight against you. Some part of you wants a new body, and another part of you wants to stay the same. The process of losing weight is a process of breaking off those limiting beliefs that are trying to keep you where you are.

“I’m fat.” “I’m not good at this.” “This is just too hard.” “I can start again later.” I’m just a big person. I can’t help it.”

These are all limiting beliefs. They aren’t true, but we believe them. Having an overweight body seems to provide evidence to back up these thoughts. When you start losing weight, some of these beliefs start to fall off. There’s just not evidence to back them up anymore. You will face many times when you have to choose to believe what you’ve always believed, or to believe something new. This kind of growth is more valuable than the fat leaving your body.

We can choose to still believe these limiting beliefs, though. The brain can be hard to change. The reason points to something much deeper than mental wiring.

3. The process of losing weight can help you heal your heart.

If you are overweight, and can’t seem to lose it or keep it off, it’s because something is off in the brain. If something is off in the brain it’s because something is off in the heart. Maybe it’s nothing traumatic, but something is off enough to cause unhealthy ways of dealing with life. Pain and disappointment in life can lead us to develop certain beliefs about the world. It also leads us to find ways to cope when things get hard. That’s why food is a such a powerful force. It can make us feel good for a little while. It can help us avoid the feeling of whatever is wrong under the surface.

When you decide to lose weight, you have to ignore that voice that tells you to eat when you feel something negative. You have to push through when it gets mentally tough. Eventually, you have to face that part of you that is causing all of this. You have to venture into your heart. You could give up and give in to some indulgent food, or you can face the problem and finally find healing.

When the heart is healthy, the brain will follow. When the brain is healthy, the body will follow.

4. The process of losing weight can reveal the “real you”.

What you’ll find though the process of losing weight, is that the growth that is happening to your body, brain, and heart were always possible. Meaning, if the growth happened, then the potential for it was always there. It was already inside you. The person you are becoming was already there, just hidden under a shell of excess weight and limiting beliefs.

But how? Where did it come from?

Well, maybe it was already there because it’s who you really are. Maybe, it’s what you were really after in the beginning. No one wants to lose weight just to lose weight. We want to lose weight for whatever it is we believe the weight loss will do for us. If we want to lose weight to look better, we really want what “looking better” will give us – positive attention, confidence, acceptance, love, etc. If we want to lose weight to be healthier, we really want what “being healthier” will give us – more energy, longer life, to be around for family, etc. We want those things because the need for them is already in us. We want them because to have them would be to live from a much more genuine part of us.

What you are after is to become the “real you.” That’s what you’re hoping the weight loss will reveal.

The process of losing weight is not fun, but that’s actually not a bad thing. It means change is happening.

Lose the weight. If it’s hard, then that’s good. You’re growing. Keep going. Become the real you.

For real this time.


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