Getting Your Dream Body


The Dream is not for an Amazing Body. The Body is for an Amazing Dream.

We’ve all heard that phrase. We’ve come across lots of tips, tricks, good (and not-so-good) advice, crash diets, workout plans, supplements, and a plethora of other things to help us achieve our “dream body.” We see fitness models or bodybuilders showing us it can be done. There are countless before and after photos we can browse through to see 100lb. weight loss transformations.

It sparks something in us. We want to get it - our dream body.

That’s an interesting phrase, isn’t it? What does it really mean? Is it a body that we’ve actually dreamed about? Is it the kind of body we would only see in our dreams? Regardless of the depth of meaning, it speaks something to nearly all of us. It pulls on a part of us. We would love to have a dream body. And you know what? You actually need it – just maybe not in the way you’ve always envisioned it.

The reason you need a dream body is not about looking good in a swimsuit, or winning fitness competitions. The real reason is much, much deeper than outward appearances.

I Hear Voices

We all have a voice within us. It’s somewhere deep in our being. It’s quiet and subtle, but has a strong pull on us. It speaks of adventure. It reinforces the desire for something “more”. It’s that voice far beneath our conscious thought that tells us “there’s more to life than this.”

You’ve heard the voice.

We all hear it.

We’re told things like “follow your dreams” and, although it’s a vague directive, that voice inside us comes alive just a little bit, speaking agreement to it.

We all want to follow our dreams, but most of the time it seems too vague, and too far out of the realm of possibility. Whatever life it is we long for seems out of reach - far from the life we live. The disconnect between our heart and our brain leaves us in a state of wishful thinking, like we’re living in one big sigh.

But that voice is there, nonetheless. It will never leave us alone. We long for our “dreams” to come true.

A Body for Dreaming

That voice deep inside you calls you toward a life of adventure. It’s always trying to persuade you to go after it, but the brain and body often disagree. When you are overweight and out of shape, you know there is only so much you can do, physically. That mental limitation filters into other thoughts. It becomes a normal way of thinking. You won’t go hiking up a mountain or run a marathon. Those thoughts never enter the realm of what’s possible because we’ve trained the brain to know where “comfort” lies. the brain knows what you can handle in your current state and produces thoughts to back it up.

But that voice is still there. That pull toward something greater is still present.

In a perfect world, we would listen to it. We would follow that call coming from our heart. We would venture into the unknown without fear – all the while knowing that we are on the right path simply because that voice tells us we are. We would also know that wherever that voice leads us, we would be able to handle it. We would be able to accomplish whatever wild and crazy thing is hidden deep within our heart.

But we often don’t live life this way. We hear the voice, yes, but we ignore it. We push it aside and pursue a path of logic and safety. We let the brain lead us instead of the heart. The problem is that the brain you have, the one that’s calling the shots, is not the brain you were meant to have.

The brain was designed to follow the heart. The brain, though, interprets those voices based on what is deemed to be logically possible. When you are overweight, many things are not physically – and therefore logically - possible. Whatever it is that the voice is calling you toward seems irrational because you are not “in shape” enough to go get it, or to hold on to it.

This is why you need a dream body. You need a body that is fit enough to accomplish your dreams.

What Happens When You Get “In Shape”?

When you make the change to lose the weight and get your body in shape, a lot of things happen. You get healthier and stronger. You’ll weigh less and move better. You’ll build confidence. You’ll learn that you can accomplish a big goal. You’ll look better. You’ll feel better. You’ll lose the weight, and not just physically.

From this state, the brain starts to change. It starts to let thoughts into the equation that didn’t make sense before. It starts to allow possibility to come in. You will break out of an old comfort zone into something that requires more of you, the real you.

But you have to choose it for yourself. You have to listen to that voice and trust it. You have to do something that will not be easy, but it will change everything. You can push yourself out of your current state and into a new state. It’s an amazing attribute that we have. It’s what it really means to “get in shape.”

Whose Voice is It?

The most amazing thing happens when you lose all the weight, internal and external. You’ll find that you actually can reach that place that the voice deep inside you was calling you to. When you get there, you’ll realize something even more amazing.

That voice deep in your heart is actually your voice. That voice is the real you.

You see, the real you (your heart) got disconnected from the brain and body somewhere along the way. This “other you” came along and started controlling things. This other you tries to point you toward a life of predictability, comfort, and safety.

That voice inside you, the real you, calls you toward something risky, requiring constant growth, and full of unknowns. It’s s a life that requires you to be brave. It’s a life that requires you to be who you were always meant to be.

It’s time to become the real you.

Lose the weight. Get in shape. Train your brain to listen to your heart again. Follow that voice into the unknown. It will lead you to the life you’ve always wanted.

For real this time.


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