• Erin
    "This book will bring breakthrough and revelation to anyone who has struggled for years with their weight. It definitely resonates with me. Because of this message, I've finally started looking past symptoms and getting to the root of my excess weight (internal and external). It's a perfect blend of personal insight and practical instruction. Thank you."
  • Elizabeth
    "Can I just say, I loved it! Not only did it resonate with me but it answered some deep questions. One of my favorite parts is the chapter about loving yourself, which, you hear that a lot, but the way that you presented it was so different. I love the routine that you suggested!
    Two other parts that really stood out were changing your mindset over weight loss goals or diet scenarios, and discovering the "real you" - I am excited to see the outcome of digging deeper and letting the "real me" come out! I'm truly inspired and emotionally encouraged!"
  • Gloria

    "Telling you'This book is awesome!' does no credible justice.  You've done it! You figured it out. I struggled hard with finding the reason - the true reason - that hindered me from my breakthrough. There's so much great material in this book and I am confident that every reader can take away a piece for themselves. I will be completely honest... I don't read much. I'm a very visual person and I can only get into books that draw a great picture - something I can really imagine. This is different. This spoke directly to my heart."


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Hey! Brian here.

Have you been fighting with your weight, trying to change, but seeing little progress?

Do you work hard to lose weight, only to gain it back?

Have you tried to diet and exercise, then given up after just a few days, only to start again later?

Have you ever gone searching for that perfect diet? What about that perfect exercise program? You know, the ones that will finally work for you?

Maybe you’ve been looking for that one, too-good-to-be-true plan that lets you “eat whatever you want” and still lose weight?

Have you ever been there…feeling stuck, unhappy, tired, stressed, feeling like your brain is fighting against you, and knowing there’s a better version of you, but you just can't seem to reach it?

I have.

More times than I can count.

It’s not that any of those plans to lose weight don’t work – they do, some of them very well. The problem is something else, something deeper. It’s more than building the right habits, or being consistent. Something else is going on here, and few are talking about it.

I lost over 80 lbs. three different times in my life, only to slowly gain it back each time. Once, during a particularly hard time in my life, I gained 100 lbs. in a year. Yes, you read that right.

I realized that another diet or exercise program wasn’t going to fix the real issue. Something else was going on. I had to get to the bottom of it. As I dug in to the real problem, I realized I was not alone. There are countless others going through the same thing. They just can’t seem to get past a certain threshold with losing weight and getting the body they really want.

That’s what this book is about.

I’m going to venture into some of the least charted areas of weight loss. I’m going to show you the real reason I was able to lose 120lbs. and keep it off. At times, you’ll forget you’re reading a weight loss book. It’s real. It hits home. And it’s exactly what I needed 10 years ago. In this book, you’ll learn:

- How to take control of the moments when you want to give in to food.

- How to recognize and defeat the “fear of missing out”.

- Who is really calling the shots in your brain and how to take control again.

- The real reason you gained weight and can’t seem to lose it…and how to fix it.

- Why food is such a powerful force in your life and what to do about it.

- How to become “the real you” again and live life to the fullest.

- The most powerful “why” behind my 120 lb. weight loss.

- The common misconceptions with goals, motivation, and habits.

- How to create amazing morning and evening routines to set you up for real success.

- And so much more.

It’s time to get to the bottom of this. It’s time to finally lose the weight and become you again. Let’s do this – for real this time.

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